What is the worldwide wilderness family?

A network of people who feel linked to the wilderness-. nature- and community thought.

- individual persons and families, who support the worldwide wilderness movement and all who care about this movement.

- Wilderness Projects

- Wilderness Schools

The map shows the wilderness families’s expansion.
The number, form and size of the family regions will change with the time. It depends on newly added members. When a family accumulates too many members, it runs through something like a cell division – that is to say a family division. Thus over time, the areas diminish in size, they become more regional and the number of families will grow.
The main map will always show the most recent development, which includes six families in April 2010. An update will occur every six months. Clicking on "Development" will display the older maps so you can keep track of the history of the wilderness families and their divisions.

How do I find my wilderness family?
If you zoom into the map you can easily find the place that you live in. If you click in the area of this family, a contact address appears. That’s your access to your wilderness family. If the place you live in happens to be outside of the current family areas, click on the family that is next to you – no matter how far away in Europe you might live.

In the US, a similar network will be formed in the following years.  If you are interested, please contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When do I contact my family?

  • if your heart beats for this worldwide wilderness movement
  • or if you want to support a wilderness school or wilderness project or are already supporting one.
  • If you manage a wilderness school or another wilderness project – that is connecting people with nature – or if you are interested in founding one.